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Desiccant Air Handling Equipment

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Desiccant Air Handling Equipment

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An improved energy savings, 4 seasons heat recovery ventilator (dehumidifying, cooling, humidifying, energy saving)


* Four season desiccant air handling unit flow

* Additional humidification is to reserve coolness, when humidity is decreased in cooling spaces during summer seasons & for constant humidity maintenance.

In order to maintain the inner air to a pleasant condition, a mass oxygen supply is needed. Therefore the increase of outer air is a prerequisite for pleasant air support. The increased air during summer time calls for a change into the new environment-friendly 4 seasons heat recovery ventilator method. The existing cooling method, which uses freon refrigerants with the increase of the cooling load for humidity removal, should be replaced.


The biggest advantage of the 4 seasons heat revovery ventilator is that instead of performing super cooled dehumidification by cooling existing air, it uses the adsorbing Rotor to dehumidify the moisture in the first atmosphere. In order to control the humidity into a pleasant condition, it cools only the sensible heat to protect the body from mildew, ticks, and illnesses from super cooling effects, which occur from the humidity contained in the atmosphere due to super cooling & super saturation.


The 4 seasons heat recovery ventilator uses the waste heat of sensible heat freezer for heating & humidification (adsorbing humidification using an adsorbing material) without any water supply. It is energy saving, environment-friendly and an improved 4 seasons air support system. (The condition of the work place is improved with the concentrated air conditioning method)


Ideal indoor condition (ASHRAE)


Ideal indoor condition (ASHRAE)


* Advantages of the system

  • Economical by fulfilling the heating and humidifying using waste heat.
  • Realizing the clean humidification without pollution, absorbing and being supplied with humidifying water from air.
  • High availability of equipment with four-season operation.
  • Realizing the environment-friendly air condition by minimizing the use of freon refrigerants.
  • Realizing the health caring air-condition without microbes in the air conditioning space with proper humidity adjustment.
  • Improving the office environment greatly by maximizing the open air introduction.
  • Maximizing the air cooling by vaporizing open air in the interim period and summer.
  • Increasing the utilization of space.
  • Reduce the installation cost greatly by utilizing a simple structure.

-Heating mode

  1. The dehumidification rotor operates for absorbing and humidifying.
  2. The first heated air by electric and waste heat-heating and humidifying coils of the dehumidification rotor is humidified by absorbed moisture in the course of passing through the dehumidification Rotor and supplied to indoors in proper heating temperature, which humidifies and heats simultaneously.
  3. The auxiliary evaporative type of humidifying device is used by auxiliary humidification when necessary. (waste heat heating coil, auxiliary heating, absorbing humidification)


* Purpose of use

  • Surgical Center
  • Museum
  • Ice Rink
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Supermaket
  • Card Room
  • Therapeutic Pool


* Positive Benefits

  • Improving work efficiency by supplying a stable supply of fresh air.
  • Securing health care by controlling the proper humidity of supplied air.
  • The most efficient energy-saving effect with energy withdrawing wheel built-in.
  • Removing fog and keeping the stable ice quality when used in the ice-rink.
  • Preventing the corrosion of steel structure.
  • Preventing frost and saving maintenance cost by keeping low humidity when used in the food store of large shopping centers.

* Performance Chart
(Low Reactivation Temperature Type)
* Performance Chart
(Standard Type)

  • Process/ Reactivation Zone Ratio = 1:1
  • Reactivation/ Process Air volume Ratio = 1:1
  • Desiccant Rotor thickness = 200mm
  • Rotor Face velocity = 2m/s at 20°C
  • Reactivation Temperature tr1 = 140°C
  • Reactivation Air Entering Moisture xr1 = 23 g/kg(DA)
  • Process Air Entering Temperatures tp1 = 10, 20, 30°C

  • Process/ Reactivation Zone Ratio = 3:1
  • Reactivation/ Process Air volume Ratio = 3:1
  • Desiccant Rotor Thickness = 200mm
  • Rotor Face Velocity = 2m/s at 20°C
  • Reactivation Temperature tr1 = 140°C
  • Reactivation Air Entering Moisture xr1 = 23 g/kg(DA)
  • Process Air Entering Temperatures tp1 = 10, 20, 30°C

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